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Welcome to the New Age of Accelerated Analytics

We deliver the data you need to build an efficient workforce.

Candidate-Based Target Mapping and Inputs

  • Pay rates

  • Pay structures

  • Skill sets

  • Live feedback on recruitment ads, spend, and click-throughs

  • Analyze and organize candidates by industry and interest

Structured Data

  • Geofencing of client and candidate pools

  • SEO

  • App usage

  • Crowdsourcing

  • Online community activity tracing

  • Physical check-ins and visit tracking

Geo-Fenced Candidate Base

  • Indicates where and what recruiters should focus on

  • Types of jobs being sought and searched by your target candidates

  • Competition analysis

  • Advertising - what's working and not working for job-specific candidates

  • Retargeting candidates who did not choose a job or ad

  • Targeting of competitor geofences and populations

Transportation Data Analysis

  • Pinpoint transit data from your facility to commutable distances 

  • Rail and bus accessibility and fair costing

  • Driving habit analysis, including travel distances candidates are willing to travel by pay scale and job position type

  • Ride share data and programs

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